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RTA Cabinets – Risks and Rewards

RTA Cabinets – Risks and Rewards

By Hari Dass

Purchasing ready-to-assemble cabinets comes with risks. Purchasing RTA cabinets also comes with huge rewards! The difference is always going to be those who do their research.

Many think that purchasing cabinets is just like purchasing anything else online. But if you really think about it, nearly everything you purchase online from a company is a single item that has been manufactured out of stable materials, not wood, and is prepackaged and easily shipped. RTA cabinets are a whole nother animal. These cabinets are made of wood, wood is affected by temperatures and humidity. Wood is prone to denting, Wood is prone to cracking, and wood is prone to expansion and contraction.

When RTA cabinets are shipped, there are numerous hands involved. Numerous trucks, forklift drivers, warehouses, and other obstacles stand in the way.

Unsuspecting consumers do not understand the complexities of the purchase they’re making. They treat this purchase just like any other, find what I want, and place the order with expectations that everything is going to go silky smooth. That is simply not the case. With an Amazon purchase, there are two things that can go wrong.

  1. They send the wrong item
  2. The item can get lost in shipping

With RTA cabinets, doors can be warped, items can be cracked, there can be damage resulting from shipping, there can be replacement parts needed, pallets can be lost, and items can be out of stock. After all, it’s not a single item you’re ordering. We are also counting on numerous warehouse workers, forklift drivers, and delivery truck drivers, to make things happen. To make your order happen – prepared, shipped and delivered safe and sound.

Sound scary?

Don’t be fearful! Welcome to ordering cabinets in general. What I failed to mention is this is the same thing for every kitchen cabinet order you’re going to place, anywhere. This is just the reality we face when ordering cabinets.

So how do you Ensure a successful purchasing experience? You’ve got to do your research! I repeat, you have got to do research. Internet cabinet companies are masters of marketing and often manipulation. They have teams of people in place who can create an appearance of one thing, when they’re actual reality is completely different. An unsuspecting customer would see them on the front page of Google, often with a false rating, and just assume that everything’s going to be great. The design team is great. They call you back. Woohoo we found our cabinets. but without doing the research, this is a recipe for disaster.

How does the company handle issues? Out of stock items? Replacements? and what shipping companies do they use? Are they the best, or just the least expensive? Do they stick with their customers from beginning to end? Can they really be trusted? These are all questions that must be asked. And the good news is, the answers to all these questions can be very easily found.

You must find out what they have done before to know what they will do now, with you. Words are so cheap. So so cheap. Action speaks.

Look the company up on the better business bureau’s website and evaluate their complaints and reviews. Would you want that to be your story? Maybe yes, maybe no. You can also go to Google and search the company’s name and address. Their Google listings will show up, and once they do, click the “newest” button. This will show you how they are handling things right now in the current condition of the world. You can then click the lowest rating button to see your worst case scenario, and the highest rating button to see your best case scenario.

It’s kind of like finding out your fiance has been married four times and had numerous affairs. Yet there they are telling you how much they love you and how they’re always going to be faithful. Some people fall “hook line and sinker” for that, and are just blindly able to believe whatever they’re told. Others, who do not want to subject themselves to the pain, examine the evidence and are able to make a conclusive decision that if they’ve done it over and over before, chances are they’re going to do it again.

Most RTA cabinets are pretty similar in features and quality. Some are definitely better than others, but they’re all in the general range.The biggest difference from one company to the other is their integrity. Do they have a proven track record of sticking with their customers and doing whatever it takes to make them happy, or when the going gets tough, the greedy get going? And they’re going in the wrong direction! They’re allowing phone calls to go unanswered, emails to not be responded to, schedules to be destroyed, new kitchen dreamers dreams to be crushed, and ultimately choosing profits over people.

The internet is littered with these stories.

At Technocrats Horizons we do things differently. But don’t take my word for it, go do your research! If what I’m saying is true, there should be an abundance of evidence to back it up. And there is!

Our company model is to exceed expectations and never leave a single customer feeling like they are one star to us, but rather that they are always five star customers to us! Whether we make money or not, that does not determine our policies. We do everything possible to avoid issues and prevent our customers from having an experience that is anything less than amazing!

Does this mean that when you choose Technocrats Horizons everything is going to come together flawlessly? No! We have no magic wand or pixie dust that we can use. Ordering cabinets is ordering cabinets, and anywhere you order cabinets is going to be subject to the same issues that we face daily.

Unless of course, you choose the local custom cabinet maker, who builds your cabinets 10 miles down the road and personally delivers them. For some of you, that may be your best option. If so, I encourage you to do it! I once was the local cabinet maker down the street building super high quality cabinets and hand delivering them myself. I’m all about supporting that guy.

That being said, not everyone could afford to spend an obscene amount of money on cabinets.

So are RTA cabinets worth the risk? Absolutely, 100%! You will end up with kitchen cabinets that are often twice the quality of an american-made cabinet at 30% to 50% less. Yep, that is the reality. You’ll have beautiful and durable cabinets that are made out of plywood, hardwoods, dovetail drawers, have a soft close hardware, and amazing finishes that rival even custom finishes. Oftentimes they’re even better than custom finishes.

Where this can go downhill, is when you choose the wrong company. So go do your research! Research them, and research us. Then you will see the Technocrats Horizons difference.

Our design team is amazing, and we truly will stick with you from Design-to-Done and never leave your side. If you have a problem, congratulations you just became our top priority. If you call we either answer or return calls promptly. We do whatever it takes to resolve any and all issues as quickly as possible. So let’s get started! We’d love to show you what we can do for you.